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Monday, March 31, 2014

Schedule Follow-Up...

To follow up on my last post Schedule Talk, You said that you would be fine with an every other day dealio. So I will put up a new post definitely on Monday and Friday and Most likely on Wednesday. The time I post will be in the frame of 9:00am to 1:00pm. It will usually be in the morning time on most days. redundant much LOL :P If you think I should make any changes please comment down below.
Thank you very much for your support. Happy Opening Day and remember GO REDS!!!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Schedule Talk ...

Alright Straight to the Talkin'

A good friend of mine said that I should stick to a schedule, so I need you opinion in this.
First some things I cannot do:

  • I cannot post everyday, I don't have the time commitment or material.
  • I really cannot post that much on the weekends, I try to unplug and do stuff on the weekends
I was thinking of a (Monday) Wednesday, Friday dealio. Post your opinions on a schedule in the comments.

Thank you for being dedicated fans!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

"We're like Romeo and Juliet" Not Really...

In school I just got done reading Romeo and Juliet now that I've read the whole story I cannot help but laugh whenever a girl says like Romeo and Juliet I always say:

"You see each other and it's love at first sight then you learn his last name and you know you cannot be together because your parents are enemies, but that makes you long for each other even more than he sneaks into your castle garden and tells you to meet at the friar's cell tomorrow at 9 o'clock so you can get married. Then he tries to visit you again and your cousin stops him, they get into a sword-fight, your cousin dies. Your mother and father find out it was Romeo, they betroth you to a man named Paris you end up drinking a potion on your wedding day to make you look dead. Your parents see, cancel the wedding. Romeo sees, drinks poison. You wake up see Romeo, you kiss him to get poison doesn't work, then, you stab yourself."

Then She always says:

"Love at first sight: Yes. Kill ourselves No."

Monday, March 24, 2014

Do I Really Need To Name This One?

"The Famous first blog post."

There I said it. As on any other blog you will read there is this famous "First Blog Post," So here it is:

Hello Guys, I'm Robert. I'm a Roman Catholic teenager in Ohio, I enjoy 4-H, 4-H Shooting Sports, Roller Coasters, Minecraft, food,  and of course Girls ;) , and many other things that would make this entry way too long =). This is a blog where (as the title suggests) Anything Goes. I will post my "Two cents" on here and just really pour my brain out on to here, Happy Mental Picture ;). If at any time you don't like the content of my blog please feel free, in a non-flame war fashion, to comment or send me a message saying what you do not like. I hope you all enjoy.

God Bless,