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Monday, April 07, 2014

Eye Opening Moments...

Backstory Time!!

So in August 2013 I had my fist day in High School I was excited and nervous. I had started out pretty good then Youtube got in the way and my grades went down some, because I would rush to get things done so i could waste my time on the internet and I wasn't taking notes or really paying attention, that went through the semester. Then January 2014 I get my Semester A report card, Two D's That's a 2.21 GPA. I was sad, ticked off, devastated, but part of me new this was good because I can strive for better. I tried I could keep my grade above a D but not that much over a C. But to Quote a movie that has taken the world by storm, Frozen, "I'm never going back, the past is in the past." But recently I had a moment that opened my eyes, an epiphany, I'm really not a kid anymore. I need to worry more about my studies and those I love, worry less about the computer, and take jobs and school more seriously. I will update you in 6-8 weeks when the school year ends.