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Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Flawless Idea, but Bad Idea...

I might be the only one, but, don't you hate when you get this flawless idea/plan but it's about something you would never do like commit a crime or kill someone. Am I the only one that has Ideas like that?
Just staring at something can put me into this day-dreamy state where my mind runs wild with ideas, some good, some bad. The bad part is, you look at it like. Man I could get away with that. Then your like. But, I would never do that. You try to drop the subject but then you can't. I usually share it with my brother. He doesn't help. So then we get into this 10 minute conversation.
The conversation was about first creating 2 cyber-footprints, having 2 identities. One computer you use in the middle of no-where to create the virus that you can't destroy good luck with that and send it to A TON of people you destroy the email and the computer and burn it, blow it up then bury it. Then on your home computer you create the only malware that can destroy the virus and you sell it and make millions. Then the malware puts a virus on the computer. The End
And that is why I try not to daydream about anything other than girls.