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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The weirdest things to talk about...


Many times my friends and I will just go off taking about the most completely random BANANAS (See what I did there.)

Like we'll just say "what if... (random thing)" and then that will just make us all go off on a tangent. Just the other day me and my brother were talking about if you could make an Automatic Garden Claw. And we always bring up the Idea of automatic Deodorant (Similar to automatic toothbrushes).

Now I just realized a second ago that my grammar is worse than a chimpanzee on a elephant banging cymbals with flowers painted on it together, playing with a polka band on a world tour opening up for a band called 21 Airplanes which have 21 airplanes which are on tour with them currently in Thedford, Nebraska.


Anyway I hope you enjoyed this random post even if it was randomly a day late!!