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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Writers' Block or Bloggers' Block...

Don't you hate it when you sit in front of a blank Word Document when you're supposed to type a report. You fill out you name and stuff then you just stare at the little blinking line/cursor thing What is that thing called? Well, I just did that for like 5 minutes. I hate writers block or in my case Bloggers' block. So that's when I just speak my mind, give my Two Cents. That's why I ramble like this a lot. Because, when I write a blog I try to not stop typing because my mind is much faster than anyone's typing speed. Especially Mine LOL

Another thing I want to bring up is pre-written blogposts what do you think about that. Please Leave a Comment. I kind of don't like them because you don't get these on the spot blogposts. But, if I pre-write I will be able to get you high-quality pre-thought up material. Like I said Comment Please.