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Monday, May 12, 2014

Coasters. Are. Exhilarating...

So, I think it's common knowledge that I live in Southwest Ohio. In Mason, Ohio there is an amusement park, Kings Island. Recently I got my Gold Pass and went there for a few hours. The Gold Pass can get you in the Park or Water Park any day the park is open! If you didn't hear (or you don't live around here) the park got a new coaster this season; Banshee. This is the worlds longest inverted coaster with 4,124 ft. of track 7 inversions and reaching speeds up to 68 MPH. (That sounded a lot like an advertisement LOL)

Anyway, I got to sit in the front row of it the other night and it was EXHILARATING. The wind in your face! And those new coasters are SO SMOOTH. I love riding coasters if you live in southwest Ohio I would suggest stopping by there.