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Friday, May 23, 2014

Exams and guest blurb...

Hey guys I am working hard on exams and stuff this week so I will be back in action soon. A good friend of mine, Lizzy, (who is done with school) wrote a little post or as I call it, A little blurb for me so Thank you.

So one thing I have released is that the world revolves around love. From the the beginning we have had love. God loved Adam so he made Eve. Your parents loved you even before your were born and they still love you. Even if your crushed because you feel like your crush doesn't release that you exist.  There are still people that love you. Even if you feel all alone remember that there's always someone that loves you enough to give you their life. So do one thing for me tell someone you love them. It doesn't have to be your crush it could just be your mom, dad or even your best friend. All I ask is to show someone that they aren't forgotten.
So once again  thank you very much Lizzy!! Don't forget to Comment and Share. God Bless.