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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

I'm used to it...

So going into 2014 I knew it was gonna be an interesting year. For one I had only had glasses since late July. For Christmas I had gotten braces. My sister had a new boyfriend. We joined a new 4-H club and I found out that 9th grade wasn't as easy as it was cracked up to be. That's why in January and February I was really stressed out! By that time with glasses I had pretty much been used to them. When I first got them I was like. "I'll never get used to these!" I lied. I've only messed-up once, broke the nose piece. Luckily, they were still on warranty and I got new frames free! I really have come to love my glasses because now I don't have wear or remember safety glasses, and I can see! Braces I am used to. I've only messed up twice with them. (Pried a bracket up with my spoon accidentally, ok, stop laughing now) The orthodontist every time I've visited him said I've kept them very clean. As with my sister's 'new' boyfriend I like him, he's good, I approve my sister's decision, LOL. With the new 4-H club, I like it. We call a rebel 4-H club because it's one of two Shooting Sports clubs. I've made many friends who are great people (You know who you are) and I want to stick with this one for the next 4 years until I graduate, but that's a total different story. About high school not being at all what I expected check out Eye Opening Moments. I turned around since the first semester, and am looking 'forward' to the next 3 years
Overall, this has been a great year so far and I'm lookin' forward to the rest of my life!