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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's in a name??

So recently I've been thinking about the names different people call me, ya'll know me as Robert Richter, but, I am much more than that. Story Time!!
"Tuesday, September 25th, 1999. It was a warm late summers evening, in a hospital (which shall remain nameless) I was born into this this world. "Robert" my parents named me, and "Robert" I had been. My mother named 'Robert' particularly not 'Bob,' I was never 'Bob' and (hopefully)  will never be. 
 But, I've been a lot more than Robert (but not Bob.)
For the longest time my family called me 'Robbie' I didn't mind that until recently I outgrew it, now only certain people (I allow to) call me 'Robbie,' mainly females, or people that have known me forever. Another one I have always been called is 'Rob,' it's just a shortening of my full name and I have nothing against it, mainly people who are pretty good friends of mine call me that. Other than that people who know my family (especially if they know my siblings) I have been 'one of those Richters,' 'Shaun's or Tommy's Brother,' etc.

When it comes to introducing myself I always say 'Robert Richter,' I will always say that. Robert is fine by me and I like my name, I personally think it sounds professional. That is all I have to say for today.

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