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Monday, December 15, 2014

Guest Thanksgiving Post

So a good friend of mine, +Abby Murphy wrote a post for me on Thanksgiving and a popular Christmas song, it was meant to be posted a week or two ago but, I dun messed up and forgot about it. Sorry Abby :(. So without further a do, Abby Murphy!! *applause*

(Also any comments/edits I make will be in Orange

The History of “Jingle Bells” and Being Thankful

Here in the US Thanksgiving is here already, Actually Christmas (which is CRAZY because it feels like yesterday was summer!)
I’m sure many of you are familiar with the song “Jingle Bells”. However, less of you probably know it is actually not a Christmas song, but a Thanksgiving song. According to, it is thought to have been written for a Thanksgiving Sunday school program. Jingle Bells was originally called One Horse Open Sleigh and was written by James Pierpont sometime between 1853 and 1857. He later publicly released the song through Ditson and Co. of Boston in 1857, but it wasn’t terribly popular.  Pierpont tried again to release it in 1859 under the new title Jingle Bells, with it once again flopping. However, from there, it did slowly gain in popularity and became associated with Christmas, rather than just as a general sleigh-song, which were a popular type of song at the time among teenagers (think “fast cars / pretty girls” songs) [think almost any modern country song, *cough* Luke Bryan].  By 1890, three years before Pierpont’s death, the song had become a huge Christmas hit and from 1890 to 1954 it managed to maintain a spot on the top 25 most recorded songs in the world.” I also found that there are actually more verses as opposed to the just the one that everyone hears.

“A day or two ago
I thought I’d take a rideAnd soon, Miss Fanny BrightWas seated by my side,The horse was lean and lankMisfortune seemed his lotHe got into a drifted bankAnd then we got upsot.”(chorus)
The story I must tell
I went out on the snow,
And on my back I fell;
A gent was riding by
In a one-horse open sleigh,
He laughed as there I sprawling lie,
But quickly drove away.”
“Now the ground is white

Go it while you’re young,
Take the girls tonight
and sing this sleighing song;
Just get a bobtailed bay
Two forty as his speed
Hitch him to an open sleigh
And crack! you’ll take the lead.”

So now that you have been educated about the history of a song, I have one other thing to say.  We often think of Thanksgiving as a huge dinner and seeing family and/or friends. But what about the reason for the original Thanksgiving? The Pilgrims and Indians sat down for a thanksgiving feast together. It’s in the name, thanks-giving, giving thanks. Even if you are going through a really rough time right now, and you feel like the glass half full or half empty is just completely empty for you right now, there is always something to be thankful for. Sunshine, your favorite shirt that makes you feel better, getting to see a friend you haven’t seen in a while. ☺ And smiles.
So what are you thankful for?

So once again thank you Abby, sorry it's late! So comment below 'What are you thankful for?'

Monday, December 08, 2014

Try to be the Hero...

So I often think and contemplate about a lot of different things, one that comes to mind quite frequent is if there was a fire,what would I do, I usually think that I would try a let all others out first, try to be the hero. Then I always follow up with 'What would I really do?' One does not know what they'd do in a situation until they experience it. Another situation I always question what my actions would be is if there was a man with a firearm in the building, a man willing to use his firearm to, well, shoot and kill. In school they teach this stuff in lockdowns and drills, I don't go to school so I never learned this, I've had discussions with my friends (in public school) about it, and I think I get the gist of it, but you don't know what would REALLY happen until your directly involved , which I hope no one ever has to be in, but bad things do happen and we unfortunately cannot control it.
I always think i would be a hero, I always want to think I would be the hero. Thinking again I realize that there is another side to me, a selfish side. That side doesn't come out often, I always stuff it back further and further and try to forget about it. That side hasn't come out in a long time. I always try to be the best man I can be. I try to help anybody whenever possible. I try to be a humble hero.

I'm still workin' on the Humble part though.