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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Solidarité; #PrayForParis; Terror; Tragedy; Optimism

The Eiffel Tower goes dark the night of Friday, November 13th
Friday, November 13, 2015
9:20 PM Central European Time, Stade de France. One of two suicide bombers explode their belts
outside the stadium, killing 4 people.

This was the first of 7 attacks made at 6 Paris locations by 8 terrorists claiming to be part of the terror group ISIS. These acts of terrorism killed near 130 people.

France after the attacks of September 11, 2001
The world is not unfamiliar to acts of violence, whenever a tragedy like these Paris attacks, or 9/11 or even natural disasters like earthquakes, the world takes these as opportunities to be peaceful, to come together, to put aside our differences and have solidarité. (French: Solidarity)  Throughout these posts I will have many pictures that show examples of solidarité.

The Sydney Opera House in Sydney, Australia shows their
support in the French colors following the attack
If you know me, you know that I am very much so an optimist, I look on the bright side of things, of everything. When looking at these attacks I have a hard time being the cheerful optimist I usually am. Maybe it's because I couldn't imagine someone being so evil to do that, maybe I'm saddened by the loss of the 130+ innocent lives. In fact, it is even hard for me to write about such tragedy, I will carry on.

One World Trade Center in New York displays the French colors
Looking at this from the point of an optimist, I do think of solidarity. Solidarity happens AFTER every attack, and we ask for the attacks not to happen in the first place. If we pray for world peace, does God give us world peace? I doubt it. When we pray for world peace, God 'gives us' something like this, an opportunity for the world to be at peace. Many nations have sent their condolences to the nation of France, many nations want to stop ISIS and other attacks. Maybe these nations; US, France, Russia, should agree to stop these attacks by ending this group, then, stop attacking each other and other nations. If we have solidarity ALL the time, there will be no reason to have to have solidarity AFTER attacks.

Christ the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro displays the French Colors
This Terror group used the name of God in justifying their attacks, anybody that uses God to cause violence and end lives has got it wrong. I find God very useful after the attacks, praying for the victims and the families of the victims, praying for our world and for peace. Even praying for the attackers and their group, that they may stop this realize their wrong doings and have a conversion of heart.

Vontaze Burfict, Cincinnati Bengals, displays the French flag
next to the American flag at an NFL game Monday. The NFL
took a league-wide moment of silence for the victims of the
attacks this weekend.
I know that I am pretty much preaching to the choir, me writing this won't have that much affect in the world. Two things, if I affect one person, get them thinking about a way to make things better, get them thinking more positively or, just get them thinking, I feel like I have changed the world. Another thing is, I don't think or express this part of me to except through writing this, writing this blog. So if I have affected you or made you think I thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

Dieu vous bénisse,

Votre frère dans le Christ,

Friday, October 09, 2015

Spotify Premium; Worth The Price? My experience; Taylor Swift

If you have not heard of this music streaming program/app/website then you probably should look into it, it's amazing. or you could just skip this post... I prefer the first option though.
So first thing is first, I love everything about Spotify except one thing, Taylor Swift took all of her music off of it. I will not say anything else about that the rest of this review because I will bias everything from that because Taylor Swift is the best. So lets get started...
Now Spotify is on the computer as well as an app for your mobile device, I have not used Spotify Mobile that much, but I will still try to explain. Spotify Free is the basic program/app there will be ads about every 7 songs because it's free. On mobile it is Shuffle play only, you cannot pick the specific track, with limited skips. On the computer you can pick any song you want, you don't need skips and there are ads. You can connect Spotify to Facebook and connect with your friends, you have a feed in Spotify where you can share what you're listening to, as well as sending Playlists and songs to people.
Now that the basic explanation of Spotify is over I can review and explain Premium. Spotify Premium is the paid version of Spotify. With Premium you have Unlimited skips, it is not only Shuffle Play, and there are no Ads. You can download the songs to your device so you don't have to constantly stream it. When you do this it is encrypted, this is not a music downloading service. So with those features the two that were most important to me, a PC user, are No Ads (the ads don't bother you until you don't have any) and the offline option. With the 2 of these features you can use Spotify to DJ which I did a couple times. When I went Premium I paid the special offer of 99 cents for 3 months. My 3rd month just ended and I cancelled, because it would have been full price. Spotify Premium is $9.99 (+tax) per month or $119.88 (+tax) per year. For $10 it's worth it if you use it a lot, like me. They have a special offer for students at $4,99 (+tax) per month, for 12 months. This discount for college students with a .edu email address only. Sorry high school students.
Spotify also has discounts for families. Two people can go Premium for $14.99, 4 for $24.99 etc.

Spotify Premium is worth the price if you use it a lot like me or if you can use one of these discounts. If you use Spotify on mobile it is even more worth the price because of all the features you get on mobile. I plan on upgrading again sometime. Let me know what you all think about Premium,
Your Brother in Christ,

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Encounter; Confession & Benediction;

(Written Wednesday, September 23rd 2015)
This past Saturday I attended an AMAZING event I attend every time possible. Encounter Cincinnati. Many of you may know what it is or have been to it yourself, I'm still gonna give my perspective of it. Encounter Cincinnati is a youth event that consists of music, a keynote speaker, Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction, and my favorite part; Confession.
The night starts out with social time, about a half of an hour. During this time you meet amazing teens that love Jesus as much as you. You also get to meet Priests, Seminarians, Sisters, other religious and some Amazing youth ministers. We start with music, upbeat, prayerful, religious music, you'll get hooked on this stuff, I have a 4 hour Spotify Playlist of music just from Encounter. Then the MC, usually Courtney Brown (an awesome dude by the way) [yes, Courtney is a guy] begins with a prayer, then helps us get comfortable with the people around us by doing icebreakers. I have made quite a few friends [acquaintances] from this, it really does break the Ice. Then Courtney introduces the keynote, I have been to so many Encounters it's hard to talk about one, the keynote usually talks about the Gospel for that weekend or another weekend and breaks it down for us, they use examples of stuff that comes to teens easily, sports, school, social media, etc. and most of the time they make it humorous so it's easier to remember. We have had many Amazing key note speakers over the years, Fr. Dan the new vocations director for the Archdiocese, a Consecrated Single Woman, youth ministers and other awesome people.

Then after the keynote, the best part of the night. Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction. It is amazing to see over 700 teens drop to their knees at the Awesomeness of Jesus Christ. Then they invite us to go to Confessions, we owe it all to the priests who come every time to Absolve us of our sins. This past Encounter wasn't quite the biggest with overall attendance, but, almost every teen went to confession, the line stretched nearly completely around the Underground. That was the longest line for Confession I had ever seen, which is saying a lot. When in line for Confession the Eucharistic Procession came right past me.
In the picture on the right, my hands are
the ones lower down. I almost could touch Jesus!! This is the most amazing thing that I have experienced at Encounter. After Eucharistic Adoration came Benediction, which meant our time in the physical presence of Jesus was almost up. Then the recession of the Blessed Sacrament and some more music. After that's over with comes small groups, my whole small group were good friends of mine. In small groups there are a few questions to guide discussion around the theme/talk of Encounter and your Encounter with the Lord that night. After small groups there is closing prayer and more social time, I finally got an Encounter shirt!! (top) There is much more to the Amazing experience of Encounter that cannot be captured in writing or words. This is something that can only be explained through experience. If you live in the Cincinnati area and are Eight grade through High School, please visit for more info. You won't regret going and I hope to see you there.

Your Brother In Christ,
Robert Richter

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sleep; Energy: Racist Coffee

Written Friday, September, 18th 2015
If you know me personally you know I am usually always full of energy. I try to always look full of energy because if I pretend to have energy I can usually go on fake energy... Fake it 'til you make it. This past week it hasn't been as easy to fake it... or make it. My issue has bee n lack of sleep, I have had many plans this past week and they end late and start early. The past 5 nights the most sleep I've gotten is 8 hours. Now wait, don't judge yet. I'm perfectly fine when I get 8 hours of sleep. I got 8 hours of sleep one night this week the rest have been 7 and then last night I barely got 6 hours. I know ya'll are thinking 'why are you waiting our time writing this, this is normal, we have this problem,' let me tell you something. I am not writing this for you, I am writing this for me, so I stay awake. It's currently 12:15 and I feel like I feel at like 06:30 when I wake up. This past week would not have been possible without coffee. *Transitions Post to Coffee*

So like I said coffee, I drink a cup daily, yeah just one, on the rare occasion two. Now please tell me I'm not weird for putting creamer in my coffee, my family acts as if I'm breaking a law when I put creamer in my coffee. They say I don't really like coffee and I shouldn't drink it if I put creamer in it. I like coffee, the problem is they get the darkest blackest coffee you can get and it taste's horrible, I'm a coffee racist. I don't even have anymore creamer, I just use straight up milk. I'm patiently waiting for Coffee-Mate (feel free to sponsor me Coffee Mate ;) ) to release it's seasonal Pumpkin Spice creamer, then I have to stock up, because I'm your average, everyday, basic white girl. In fact I just looked up if my Kroger has it, I believe they do... now I'm excited. *Transitions back to sleep*
So this morning I was extremely tired, I almost fell asleep before daily Mass, it's happened before. The problem today was that I had to serve Mass, I've done it tired before, but never this tired. At one point I was walking, I knew I was walking but my mind never said 'start walking' my legs just started to walk. Anyway, that's all I got on sleep. God Bless ya'll, hope you sleep well.

 “You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep 

because reality is finally better than your dreams.” 

-Dr. Seuss

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Reboot; Blog and Self; Jason Evert & EUCHARISTIC BENEDICTION

Greetings. Maybe you followed this blog since the beginning or maybe this is your first time reading (if so you are AWESOME!!) If you have followed me you know that I have been inactive on this blog for a while... All summer actually, I did the same last summer. I hope you don't blame me, I was out of town for 2 weeks and 2 other weeks were swallowed whole by VBS and Fair. So if you've been waiting forever for me to start posting... sorry. I think it's time for this blog to have a reboot (i say that all the time) I have deleted some old (embarrassing) posts and I am going to change the style of the website, a good friend of my put it very frank when he told me "Your blog is one of those websites with just text, it looks sketchy." So blog reboot, I'm also gonna be changing how I write my posts, I'm older than I was when I started this blog and I can actually complete a thought (mostly) so i hope to have better quality posts, but, the #1 title rule still applies, Anything Goes. I will write about all sorts of stuff, Sports, Life, High School, Faith, and all sorts of fun stuff. Now that that's over with let's get to the post...
Tuesday night I attended something amazing with many of good friends, I went to go hear Jason Evert speak about chastity. Jason is a world renowned speaker on chastity, he travels to schools, universities and youth events with his wife Crystalina and spreads good virtues to youth, young adults, and adults alike. Jason and Crystal are also the creators of They are the authors of a dozen books like Theology of the Body for Teens and Pure Womenhood

I picked up Jason's 'Book' (more of a booklet then a book because men don't read [his joke not mine]) Pure Manhood. I have read the book and I love it. It's a guide how to become the man God wants you to be. It gives straight answers questions about Chastity, Women, Dating, Sexuality and Authentic Masculinity. If you are a guy I would suggest taking a look at it. You know the cliche term 'Mancard' well that's what this thing is to me, I carry it in my back pocket with pride and if I'm ever struggling with anything related to it I take it out and start reading it. That is part of the 'Self Reboot' i mention in the title, I am going to (re)strengthen my prayer life and really try to be a better person, other attempts have failed but, I have confidence with this try.
After Jason's absolutely AMAZING talk on chastity there came the best thing you can experience, Eucharistic  Benediction, I have always had a time explaining Benediction and Adoration. I mean I can explain it literally, a priest or deacon brings out Jesus in form of the Eucharist. It's easy to explain that way but it's impossible to explain the personal, spiritual experience the reason being all of us experience it differently, the thing I can say is it's powerful enough to bring a room of nearly a thousand people (mostly teens) to their knees. 
Lastly, at the end of the night I got to meet Jason and he signed my book. This man is an amazing role model and if you get a chance to see him take it, you will not regret it. Please go check out Jason & Crystal and many other amazing writers and speakers at 
God Bless Ya'll.
(Photos Courtesy of Myself, Alan Hingsbergen, and Abby Murphy; Used With Permission) 

Friday, April 03, 2015


Very Much Catholicism Ahead...

So... this week was Holy Week, and yesterday through tomorrow are the Triduum... Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil. So these days are big in my Household, My mother is the RCIA Coordinator at my church, so Easter Vigil is the biggest day of the year for her. My little sister is in the Choir so this is a big weekend for her and them, me and my older brother are Altar Servers, so we serve the Liturgies every year so it's a big deal for us. Then there is the rest of my family, we're all involved in some way in the church... we help with RCIA and/or Sunday school, sing in the Choir (definitely not me), and some are Extraordinary Ministers. So yeah, I will have some stories from this weekend coming up.

This is also the post where I wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter. Have fun, be safe, and remember to to church!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Going Back and Saying This...

I know everybody's done this at least once... They had an argument or a discussion then later that night they think of something they could have said, that they should have said, that would have changed the whole premise of the situation.

Well  I do this all the time, and it bothers me. It's not the arguments really, it's the serious discussions. Like last night, I was cheering up someone who's near and dear to me. I said somethings to try and cheer her up. I even said something to make her laugh, looking back it was so stupid but it was me. I was lying in bed, looking back on my day at things I did, should have done and shouldn't have done. I looked back on that conversation with her and I thought of a few things I could have said, should have said. I also thought of some things I could have done.

Looking back on this I learn something about myself, I do everything on the fly. I don't plan ahead really, unless it's a serious conversation I have to start, i.e. asking permission for something.

You get an interesting personality when you mix someone who overthinks EVERYTHING, literally, everything, with someone who doesn't think ahead. That's me, that's everything. If I could describe myself in two words it would be, "Over-thinks" and "On-the-fly" (there's hyphens so it's one word.)

That's my thoughts for the week...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy PI DAY minute thing...

It is March 14th, Pi Day! Today is the biggest one in our lifetime tho because it is 3/14/15 and right now it is 9:26:53. Pi = 3.1415926535. That is what right now is. Now I will show you pie to 1000 places.


HAPPY PI DAY!! So freaking nerdy...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time management...

So during these few weeks of Lent we've gone through I've realized something... Without Minecraft or YouTube I have a ton of free time. I've been able to Blog and do other stuff and still be bored. It being like 8 degrees out right now might contribute to it also, but, without these two major distractions I have been able to be bored... I'm not saying I'll stay away from these after Easter, but, I will not go back to being addicted to them like i was before. I have no idea what it'll be like during the summer when I have Fair, Camp, VBS and Grass cutting to do, all I know is that those 4 will be first priority, which means YouTube, Minecraft, (the internet in general) and even this blog will be second priority. I'll try and blog after the days over, but like last year I might have to go on a hiatus. Yesterday after school I was so bored my brother and I cleaned our room! I was that bored.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Why do I do this?..

So it's never come up but I asked myself the question, "Why do I do this blog?" I thought about it and I am ready to answer the question.

It all started in early March last year (2014) One of my best friends started his blog. I liked it, I read it a lot. I liked the idea of a blog. Then I contemplated about it and I decided I would make a blog about that... contemplation. I started out with dumb short posts, I don't like to read what I used to post. Then my posts got longer and more thoughtful. Then I went on a hiatus over the summer. When I came back I had a hard time trying to come up with posts and ideas. Then I made the dumb promise to post every week, I failed after 3 weeks.

I digress, now when I'm ever asked the reason I started the blog (and continue it) is for creativity, not to share my own, not for my own sake at all... It's all for you. I want everybody to have the courage to try and start a blog. If I inspire 3 people to start a blog, then those people inspire 3 others each, that's 12 people total that have blogs.

I wish that all that have had half-a-thought to start a blog would do it. If there is anyone reading right now that is considering to start one, my advice is, Just Do It. (sorry Nike) You can try it for a month and decide it's not for you... That's perfectly fine, we aren't judging you. I thought I was gonna fail a few times, now I realize... how can you fail at something that you make up? You cannot fail at a blog. I thought of quitting a few times, then I slept and contemplated on it and decided not to. Do yourself a favor, if you ever feel like quitting, don't delete the blog and actually quit, just say you're going on a hiatus, if you ever want to start back up it's quick and easy. Lastly, don't blog anything you don't want to because someone said you should. Also, just as important, don't not blog something because you know someone will not like it, nobody cares what they think. You have the power to delete comments and if you ever need to block someone. I've heard of people getting into tears because someone made a negative comment online. Please don't, people on the internet are stupid. So, just do what you want.

I encourage all of you very deeply from the bottom of my heart to start a blog, I will be your first reader. Just shoot me a message. Your blog will be great, because you wrote it. You are powerful and wonderful be yourself in life and you will go far. (Great now I sound like a girl)

"Above All, Try Something" -Franklin Roosevelt

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Pandora Challenge... #BLOGTAG

Introducing The PANDORA CHALLENGE by Robert Richter.
You make a Pandora station for your favorite artist and answer the questions below. Skipping is allowed if you do not know the song, not if you don't want to answer the question with the song. Pandora does limit skips per hour so... Tough luck.

My Artist will be Taylor Swift. My Commentary will be in Orange ;)

What Is Your Name?

Last Kiss by Taylor Swift Sure... 

Where Do You Live?

If I Die Young by The Band Perry In Satin lied down on a bed of Roses

What is Your Tagline?

Last Name by Carrie Underwood I don't even know his Last Name

Describe Yourself In One Phrase

Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts ...that lead me straight to you. It works.

What Is 2 + 2?

Back To December by Taylor Swift I learned that in December LOL XD

What Is Constantly On Your Mind?

Let Her Go by Passenger Only Know your Lover when you let her go, and you let her go. I never had a her to let go tho

What Do You Like To Do?

Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson I like to breath and Music so that's good.

What Is One Regret You Have?

Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood. I've only lived in one home tho

How Will You Die?

Crazier by Taylor Swift Crazier than what is the better question ;)

What Makes You Laugh?

Sugar by Maroon 5 A lot of sugar does weird stuff to me

What Makes You Cry?

Come In With The Rain by Taylor Swift Rain is good, a lot would make me cry tho

If You Could Go To One Place That Place Would Be?

Blown Away by Carrie Underwood Somewhere that's been blown away.

Who Do You Like?

Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainor I like people who talk, I also like Meghan Trainor!

How Do You Feel Right Now?

Cold As You by Taylor Swift It's -18 outside right now so that's very unlikely.

Any Last Words?

Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood In that song she's singing about me!

You Can Get a Blank Template for The Pandora Challenge Here

You May have noticed the #BLOGTAG in the Title, that's because I am going to play tag with a few other blogs, I am going to tag them then they have to do the challenge. After they do it they can #BLOGTAG some more people.

Mashed Potatoes (
Purple Effervescence (

Have fun guys!! For all you other bloggers feel free to start your own game of #BLOGTAG with the Pandora Challenge!

Monday, February 23, 2015

I'm Always Angry...

So If you guys like the Avengers Movies like I do you'll recognize the GIF on the right. That is form a part of the movie where the war has broke out, Captain America says to Bruce Banner (the Hulk) "Now would be a good time for you to get Angry." At which Banner responds, "That's My secret Cap, I'm always angry." 
Now if you know me personally you know I can be a little temperamental, if something bothers me or something isn't right I get ticked off. The reason for that I'm sure you've found out.
I'm Always Angry
Now it's not that everybody pisses me off, it's that I'm always angry at myself. I am not the person I want me to be, I am mad because of stuff I've done and said, because of stuff I haven't done or said. I'm one of those people that if I'm alone, I think... A lot. When I think I think of everything I've ever done. I get mad for things that I did a long time ago. I get mad because I don't get straight A's in school. I get mad because I'm not Bruce Wayne buff. I get pissed at life, I hate it now and again, then when I'm the right people I wouldn't give it up for the world. That is why I am always angry, because of life.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ash Wednesday 2015...

It is here! So during Lent I usually I usually give something up, try to do something more, and of course Prayer.
First of all let's get this off the table... Whoa Robert's blogging about Religion that's one of three things you aren't supposed to talk about in public. Well we'll get to that in a minute, The next two posts will be about Politics and Money just for you Pal! ;)
Okay so let's get back to Lent... The thing(s) I am giving up for Lent are Minecraft (my favorite game) I've spent all night playing my last moments of the game for a while. The second one I will attempt to give up is YouTube. I tried to give this up last year but it didn't work, second time around hopefully will work!
Try to do something more! I am going to try to make my Faith stand out more (hence Blogging about it) and be more open about my Faith.
Lastly, (but the most important) is Prayer. I always try to pray but during Lent I try to do it more, this includes (and is not limited to) going to Holy Hour, Stations of the Cross and Mass as often as possible, even if it means missing 4-H :(

But I am not limiting my Lent to this, I am trying to just make myself a better person in general, which also means being more open-minded.

God Bless ya'll.

(Ash Wednesday Also Means Only 53 Days until Opening day 2015!!) ;)

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day...

Hey, just wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentines Day!! Hope you have a better one then me. (Which is easy because on Valentines day I listen to Adele and the sad Bruno Mars songs and feel sorry for myself and hope for the one day that this day will be important to me...) This year I will be watching Un-Valentines day on TBS... It shows the episodes with the un-Valentine's day spirit.

Another thing that I am doing that i encourage you to do is the Pray 50 Hail Mary's for Fifty Shades of Gray (tonight is the release night) The Archbishop of Cincinnati said some stuff about that movie and to boycott it. You can find info on that anywhere.

Hope you guys Have a better Valentine's Day then me, also, remember it's Saint Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Quick Wordle Post

So I put my blog URL in and this is what I got.

Hope ya'll like it as much as I do. 

Friday, January 09, 2015

R.I.P. Williams, Rooney...

Robin McLaurin Williams. 7/21/1951 - 8/11/2014.

Mickey Rooney (Joseph Yule Jr.) 9/23/1920 - 4/6/2014.

So the reason for this post (other than to remember these men) is because I recently saw Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb  and they were both in this movie. This was Rooney's last movie and the second to last movie for Williams. These men were both great actors, Rooney was in many movies in the 50s through the 80s he died a peaceful death at the age of 93. Williams was in many movies and shows since the 70s, and even won an Oscar. Unfortunately he was found dead by his own hand , he was 63.

The movie world will miss these two greats and their legacy will live on.

Friday, January 02, 2015


This is one post that I could repeat constantly and it never would get old... Shoutouts for other blogs.
Without further a do...

Mashed Potatoes
I know personally the young lady that writes this blog and I am impressed, she is the influence for some of my posts.

Teenage Problems
I stumbled across this blog in the depths of the internet one day. I enjoy it and think it needs more followers, good job Patrick!

Purple Effervescence 
This is a blog of a friend of a friend. I have come to know Jessica better than I did, I think she is doing a wonderful job.

The Albino Rhino
This is the blog of one of my Best Friends who I have known forever... literally. This was the blog that inspired mine and I am proud he's doing it.

I suggest that you read these blogs and give them a shot.