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Friday, January 09, 2015

R.I.P. Williams, Rooney...

Robin McLaurin Williams. 7/21/1951 - 8/11/2014.

Mickey Rooney (Joseph Yule Jr.) 9/23/1920 - 4/6/2014.

So the reason for this post (other than to remember these men) is because I recently saw Night At The Museum: Secret of The Tomb  and they were both in this movie. This was Rooney's last movie and the second to last movie for Williams. These men were both great actors, Rooney was in many movies in the 50s through the 80s he died a peaceful death at the age of 93. Williams was in many movies and shows since the 70s, and even won an Oscar. Unfortunately he was found dead by his own hand , he was 63.

The movie world will miss these two greats and their legacy will live on.