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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ash Wednesday 2015...

It is here! So during Lent I usually I usually give something up, try to do something more, and of course Prayer.
First of all let's get this off the table... Whoa Robert's blogging about Religion that's one of three things you aren't supposed to talk about in public. Well we'll get to that in a minute, The next two posts will be about Politics and Money just for you Pal! ;)
Okay so let's get back to Lent... The thing(s) I am giving up for Lent are Minecraft (my favorite game) I've spent all night playing my last moments of the game for a while. The second one I will attempt to give up is YouTube. I tried to give this up last year but it didn't work, second time around hopefully will work!
Try to do something more! I am going to try to make my Faith stand out more (hence Blogging about it) and be more open about my Faith.
Lastly, (but the most important) is Prayer. I always try to pray but during Lent I try to do it more, this includes (and is not limited to) going to Holy Hour, Stations of the Cross and Mass as often as possible, even if it means missing 4-H :(

But I am not limiting my Lent to this, I am trying to just make myself a better person in general, which also means being more open-minded.

God Bless ya'll.

(Ash Wednesday Also Means Only 53 Days until Opening day 2015!!) ;)