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Friday, March 27, 2015

Going Back and Saying This...

I know everybody's done this at least once... They had an argument or a discussion then later that night they think of something they could have said, that they should have said, that would have changed the whole premise of the situation.

Well  I do this all the time, and it bothers me. It's not the arguments really, it's the serious discussions. Like last night, I was cheering up someone who's near and dear to me. I said somethings to try and cheer her up. I even said something to make her laugh, looking back it was so stupid but it was me. I was lying in bed, looking back on my day at things I did, should have done and shouldn't have done. I looked back on that conversation with her and I thought of a few things I could have said, should have said. I also thought of some things I could have done.

Looking back on this I learn something about myself, I do everything on the fly. I don't plan ahead really, unless it's a serious conversation I have to start, i.e. asking permission for something.

You get an interesting personality when you mix someone who overthinks EVERYTHING, literally, everything, with someone who doesn't think ahead. That's me, that's everything. If I could describe myself in two words it would be, "Over-thinks" and "On-the-fly" (there's hyphens so it's one word.)

That's my thoughts for the week...

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy PI DAY minute thing...

It is March 14th, Pi Day! Today is the biggest one in our lifetime tho because it is 3/14/15 and right now it is 9:26:53. Pi = 3.1415926535. That is what right now is. Now I will show you pie to 1000 places.


HAPPY PI DAY!! So freaking nerdy...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time management...

So during these few weeks of Lent we've gone through I've realized something... Without Minecraft or YouTube I have a ton of free time. I've been able to Blog and do other stuff and still be bored. It being like 8 degrees out right now might contribute to it also, but, without these two major distractions I have been able to be bored... I'm not saying I'll stay away from these after Easter, but, I will not go back to being addicted to them like i was before. I have no idea what it'll be like during the summer when I have Fair, Camp, VBS and Grass cutting to do, all I know is that those 4 will be first priority, which means YouTube, Minecraft, (the internet in general) and even this blog will be second priority. I'll try and blog after the days over, but like last year I might have to go on a hiatus. Yesterday after school I was so bored my brother and I cleaned our room! I was that bored.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Why do I do this?..

So it's never come up but I asked myself the question, "Why do I do this blog?" I thought about it and I am ready to answer the question.

It all started in early March last year (2014) One of my best friends started his blog. I liked it, I read it a lot. I liked the idea of a blog. Then I contemplated about it and I decided I would make a blog about that... contemplation. I started out with dumb short posts, I don't like to read what I used to post. Then my posts got longer and more thoughtful. Then I went on a hiatus over the summer. When I came back I had a hard time trying to come up with posts and ideas. Then I made the dumb promise to post every week, I failed after 3 weeks.

I digress, now when I'm ever asked the reason I started the blog (and continue it) is for creativity, not to share my own, not for my own sake at all... It's all for you. I want everybody to have the courage to try and start a blog. If I inspire 3 people to start a blog, then those people inspire 3 others each, that's 12 people total that have blogs.

I wish that all that have had half-a-thought to start a blog would do it. If there is anyone reading right now that is considering to start one, my advice is, Just Do It. (sorry Nike) You can try it for a month and decide it's not for you... That's perfectly fine, we aren't judging you. I thought I was gonna fail a few times, now I realize... how can you fail at something that you make up? You cannot fail at a blog. I thought of quitting a few times, then I slept and contemplated on it and decided not to. Do yourself a favor, if you ever feel like quitting, don't delete the blog and actually quit, just say you're going on a hiatus, if you ever want to start back up it's quick and easy. Lastly, don't blog anything you don't want to because someone said you should. Also, just as important, don't not blog something because you know someone will not like it, nobody cares what they think. You have the power to delete comments and if you ever need to block someone. I've heard of people getting into tears because someone made a negative comment online. Please don't, people on the internet are stupid. So, just do what you want.

I encourage all of you very deeply from the bottom of my heart to start a blog, I will be your first reader. Just shoot me a message. Your blog will be great, because you wrote it. You are powerful and wonderful be yourself in life and you will go far. (Great now I sound like a girl)

"Above All, Try Something" -Franklin Roosevelt