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Friday, March 27, 2015

Going Back and Saying This...

I know everybody's done this at least once... They had an argument or a discussion then later that night they think of something they could have said, that they should have said, that would have changed the whole premise of the situation.

Well  I do this all the time, and it bothers me. It's not the arguments really, it's the serious discussions. Like last night, I was cheering up someone who's near and dear to me. I said somethings to try and cheer her up. I even said something to make her laugh, looking back it was so stupid but it was me. I was lying in bed, looking back on my day at things I did, should have done and shouldn't have done. I looked back on that conversation with her and I thought of a few things I could have said, should have said. I also thought of some things I could have done.

Looking back on this I learn something about myself, I do everything on the fly. I don't plan ahead really, unless it's a serious conversation I have to start, i.e. asking permission for something.

You get an interesting personality when you mix someone who overthinks EVERYTHING, literally, everything, with someone who doesn't think ahead. That's me, that's everything. If I could describe myself in two words it would be, "Over-thinks" and "On-the-fly" (there's hyphens so it's one word.)

That's my thoughts for the week...