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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Time management...

So during these few weeks of Lent we've gone through I've realized something... Without Minecraft or YouTube I have a ton of free time. I've been able to Blog and do other stuff and still be bored. It being like 8 degrees out right now might contribute to it also, but, without these two major distractions I have been able to be bored... I'm not saying I'll stay away from these after Easter, but, I will not go back to being addicted to them like i was before. I have no idea what it'll be like during the summer when I have Fair, Camp, VBS and Grass cutting to do, all I know is that those 4 will be first priority, which means YouTube, Minecraft, (the internet in general) and even this blog will be second priority. I'll try and blog after the days over, but like last year I might have to go on a hiatus. Yesterday after school I was so bored my brother and I cleaned our room! I was that bored.