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Friday, April 03, 2015


Very Much Catholicism Ahead...

So... this week was Holy Week, and yesterday through tomorrow are the Triduum... Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday/Easter Vigil. So these days are big in my Household, My mother is the RCIA Coordinator at my church, so Easter Vigil is the biggest day of the year for her. My little sister is in the Choir so this is a big weekend for her and them, me and my older brother are Altar Servers, so we serve the Liturgies every year so it's a big deal for us. Then there is the rest of my family, we're all involved in some way in the church... we help with RCIA and/or Sunday school, sing in the Choir (definitely not me), and some are Extraordinary Ministers. So yeah, I will have some stories from this weekend coming up.

This is also the post where I wish you a Happy and Blessed Easter. Have fun, be safe, and remember to to church!!