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You've found my blog... Congratulations! I am Robert Richter, this is my blog. The intentions of my blog are to write about my life, my blog has one rule... Anything Goes! I am a Roman Catholic teenager in the Midwestern United Sates, politically I don't really have a stance, I believe in what the Church believes. #ProLife I am a HUGE sports fan, Cincinnati Sports mostly, #Reds #Bengals #Bearcats I have been in 4-H all my life and am currently in my tenth year. I take many projects like Woodworking, Small Engines, and Shooting sports #ProGun I am a fourth generation Italian, if you met me in person you would know why, I'm loud and I talk with my hands. I have 3 pizza businesses in my family so it's obvious that I am a pizza connoisseur. I enjoy many things and you'll have to read to learn more... Thanks for checking it out. God Bless you.